Monday, 4 August 2008


ID Name: Sn3a …
My friends called me: well I can't write it :P
My Nickname(s): AaDoo… Narjesya
Birthday: 12th of Oct 1986
Major:Chemical Engineering
Job Title: Chemical engineer on the end of January 2009 ,, til now am just a student
.Boys name : A7mad..Fahad..3li..7assan..7sain..Yousef
Girls name :Fatma..Lujain..Jood..Jawa..Wajd..
Perfume : Mont Blanc..Chloe..Miracle
Fruit : Green Apple.. Strawberry
Veggie : carrots..,broccoli..lettuce..mashrom
Fast food place : Mcdonalds..ana a7ebba:P
Favorite cartoon character : Lady..Sally..Marocco..Betty Boop, Floona..
Animal : hate them all..yakh
Ice Cream : Hagen Daz..yummyyyy Belgium chocolate specially
Have u ever ?!
Bungee jumped : I may try it this summer,, but don't count on that:P
Used someone : I did..;S
Had bloody nose : no
Played truth or dare : no
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: lool I did not

Been in a physical fight:yeah,,with my brothers,,but long time ago
Knocked on wood: yes
Broken a bone : no hopefully never
Broken the law: no
Last Time
Laughed and why : in the spokes FARESY with many many many badleyat:P
Cried and why? : maby 4 days ago..don't remember why
Hugged someone and whom ? reason
Recieved a Call and from whom ?daddy.. he pick me from collage with mom
Used a Pen and what did you write ? : wrote my name on my last final then continue the test with a pencil
Took a Shower: yesterday
Put Make-up On :today
Ride a bike : mmmm 7-9 years ago
What does it mean to you ?
Your family: means the world to me ..
Your home: my comfort..
Your friends: people that try to make me smile..whenever..wherever
Yourself: well.. me is me .. sometime I get aggressive..others I feel alone hard to deal with actually
Your birthday: as any other day..what really make it special is my mom's and dad's kissYour
bedroom: love to keep it either quiet or noisy.. well ma7eb a7ad yg3ad weyay feeha hatha mkany broo7eee
Your car: used to love driving..not any more
Your mobile :well '3aleban ethat bedegoon 3alay l nas aw sms kella y9eer eb wagt wa7ed
Your PC/laptop: e5tarbat ba66areeta:( a7ebba my HP Pavillion dv6000
Blogging: a7eb all about itMoney: bedoona ash3er bel ekte2ab:P
Right Now
Eating: No.
Thinking : meta y2athen
Smelling: nothing
Watching:shahat l lap top,noor hal mosalsal l laish tshofena sn3a?
Listening to : stupid conversation between l de3la muhannaaad and the d3la nor
Feeling: : sleepy
Wearing: PJ's
Waiting for : nothing
Hating: todays final@@
Missing: nothing
Loving: none
Worried about: my weight
Planning: nothing
Annoyed with: my mother comments

Mention two things that...
Make you happy: yam3atna ana ommy o oboy o e5wany.. reaching my dreams
That you're obsessed with:Shopping..sleeping
Make you sad:feeling alone sometimes.. feeling unproductive
You hate: lamma yefhmony '3ala6.. o lamma a7ad yesta3be6
You're doing: this tag nothing else
You like to eat: burgers..italian food
Smell Bad: Asian food including see food … some people are well dreassed but they don't bother to take a shower
That we probably don’t know about you:my name.. my other face:P
That you did today:nothing important
That are dangerous : speeding..trusting people
That you'e good at: a7el l mashakel.. bs not any more, am good at convincing people ..also not any more…
That hurt: comments.. lonelyness
Tell us something your "3ax el nas": mmm .. madry
Can you play any instruments? : no
List four things that you are less than 3 meters away from: labellloooo
If they were to make a movie about your life, what would that movie be called?day of Sn3a's life:p
Have you ever been told you look like someone, if yes, who? : no ,
What bad habits do you have? :mmm a7eb ag3ad eb coffee shop weya rfejaty o net6ammash 3al ashkal l '3reeba..o lamma ma a7eb a7ad ma ajamla o akser feeeeeh
If you could have one day being the opposite gender, What would you do?smallah 3alay..nothing ,, bur frankly I will travel alone
Worst Thing that has happened to you this year : being lazy in winter semester getting only b+'s.. and something bad I don't wanna talk about
What's your current Habba Song?no air no airrrrr, bleeding love and LABBAIH
Any last words ?
Was nice long tag
Thanks for spending time reading


Anonymous said...

Marry me... :p

kuwaitawy said...

شخصيه رائعه

بس اتصدقين عاد..؟

حسبالي كبييره حيييل

بس طلعتي يااااااهل


<--- ما عليج منه ترى ما بينج وبينه الا سنه


MO3ATH said...

شدعوه ماكو ثقه بالناس :)

Put your tongue on a frozen pole

نصيحه لاتجربين :)

مابي اقول تجربتي بس اتمنى تاخذين برايي لووووول

Sn3a said...


Sn3a said...


ثاانك يوو
اي انا توني بعمر الزهور يه

حياك الله

Sn3a said...


شسوي مالنا خلق طراقات

لوووول اهم شي انك مجرب

elq87obi said...


صباح الخير و الورد

بوست رائع

آنا شخصياً استمتعت بقراءته تعرفنا عليج أكثر و أكثر

يعطيج العافيه على البوست الخفيف و الحلو

سلامي لج :)

Don Juan said...

thanks for doing the tag ,, I know it's deadly ,, yet funny ;Pp


the.thinker said...

kl hatha .. 3ayny 3laich barda

tslm eeydch oo your welcome :P

Sn3a said...

الكويت حبي
صباح الورد اهليين
مرورك الاروع ثانك يووو

Sn3a said...

دون هوان
موست ولكم ولووو

Sn3a said...

the thinker

اي والله شفت شلون
لول ثانكس اقين عالكومنت عيل

FANTASY said...

يعطيج العافيه ... ابصراحه كلامج كان وايد مؤثر لدرجة عيوني بققتها على كل حرف وكلمه اطلعت منج .. لا تبين الصج خوش شي موفقه يوخيتي .. عاد ودي اتعرف عليج نصير ربع اهنييه تدرين ليش لانج كبري لووول

Anonymous said...


but a nice read !!!!

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