Tuesday, 16 February 2010

SJP and Desigual

Sara Jessica Parker
i saw her movie 'Did you hear about the Morgans'

she simply can teach us how not to act/behave when we are like 100 years old!!

it's funny how she refuses the fact that she is too old, she keeps jumping, behaving like 5 years girl with her scary hands!!


it's open now
360 Mall ,Kuwait


Made n Q8 said...

الحلو فيها على انها مشدقه بس للحين اتمثل دور اغراء يعني عندها ثقه بعمرها

mazyona said...

اي الفيلم حلو
وهي معطيته حلات خاص
ياريت كل الكبار يصيرون بحيويتها