Friday, 12 March 2010

Mo wagta!

My Laptop Died in the age of 4 YRS!
Can't let you go
too early to go hun;(

the problem is i don't know what happened! We are friends;s
the screen is black , i have lots of things saved in
i don't have a clue if i can recover them or not
in addition what should i do with it?
Can i at least destroy the memory for good!


Anonymous said...

حرام عليج اربع سنين يطحن وتو الناس (: احنا يا بنات عبد الغني شربت ابونا اييب لنا لاب توب كل ست اشهر

Sn3a said...

Lool well it's a gift so '3alee 3alay + feeh KEL SHY!
Are u someone i know;p

fatto said...

ويي الله يعينج .. انتي المفروض الاشياء المهمه اتسيفينها بالهارد دست اذا عندج حق هالظروف

Sn3a said...

ana msayva taqreban 90%
bs still fe ashya lazem amsa7ha o ma adre shasawee bel jetha l hameda 7aleyyan;s

Anonymous said...

مو معرفه مباشره (:

dr-maarafi said...

sorry Sn3a I don't know how to deal with that technology
you can try any computre shops
see what they can do !

bo6abesh said...

ge66eeh or save el hard desk....oo by apple,,,shofay el farg ;)

ma adrey lish 7assait inna toshiba coz dayman y9eer feeh chitheh

ba6alah said...

maybe they can fix it :]

|:| DUBAI |:| said...

Before few weeks eStwaaly the same, 5thet new sony, bS wayed a7en 7ag El jdeem : ( !

Poor Sn3a !

6l3y el hard desk : )

iPinK said...

buy macbookpro :) 3shan t9eren nafse mackeya:P

iPinK said...

buy macbookpro :) 3shan t9eren nafse mackeya:P said...

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